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Traffic Control


Having skilled professionals who are equipped with the right tools ensures that traffic control is efficiently managed, and road users are safely guided through construction zones or other areas where traffic flow needs to be controlled.


When Traffic Management is needed:


  • For managing traffic flow and ensuring safety during road construction or maintenance activities.

  • When work is being carried out above or below ground, such as utility installations or building construction.

  • For managing traffic and ensuring safety during special events like movie shoots or sports events, where temporary road closures or traffic diversions may be required.


Our highly trained Flagging teams, made up of Traffic Control Persons (TCP's) and Lane Control Technicians (LCT's) are capable of handling various traffic situations and maintaining the safety of both workers and the public. They are equipped with all the necessary signage and equipment specified in the Traffic Management Plan. This includes signs, cones, barriers, and other tools that effectively communicate and guide drivers through the work zone.


Steps in Traffic Management:


  1. Call 250-618-0232 or email

  2. Our dispatcher will explain and guide you through the process.

  3. Traffic plans are needed in order to safely conduct traffic control. Our in-house traffic planning expert can help you devise a comprehensive plan to effectively manage traffic flow and ensure the safety of both workers and the public.

  4. Our crews are dispatched to your site.

  5. Your work/event can now safely take place.

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