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Traffic Planning

    Traffic Management Plan (TMP) outlines the traffic control procedures and requirements for the work .  TMP must be executed by a qualified Traffic Control Company. Any field adjustments to the plan shall be made by qualified personnel. 


The basic objective of a TMP  or a Traffic Management Plan is to permit a contractor to work within the public right of way efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe, uniform traffic flow. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are all given equal consideration. All traffic plans must be consistent with the latest and most current Ministry of Transportations Work on Roadways Manual and the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA).  
      At Neway Traffic we focus exclusively on traffic control. Our qualified personnel will create a TMP that will incorporate the details of your work and traffic management into one plan. Upon request, we will deliver your plan that is safe, within budget and on time. We will develop the most effective and reliable TMP ( Traffic Management Plan)  and then put it into action once approved. 

Traffic Plan Sample:
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